CPF load-bearing gratings in Brindas

We manufacture for all your requirements
Our production facilities (manufacturing plant close to Lyon) offer our industrial customers all the guarantees they have the right to expect from us. We master the whole process from product design through to production and dispatch, thus offering significant benefits in terms of quality and finishing of our gratings.

These undeniable features enable our customers to renew their installations progressively and in total peace of mind, as the uniformity of our products is guaranteed from both mechanical and aesthetical points of view.

Besides a complete range of standard panel sizes,we can also offer cut-to-size elements as per your drawings.
These will be prepared in our special cutting shop.

After elements have been cut to size, their cut edges are systematically recoated with bisphenol resin, so that,even after cutting,CPF gratings possess optimal inertia to chemicals. As our objective is to offer a product with an exceptionally long service life, we make any possible effort to provide anticorrosion solutions that really live up to your expectations.

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